Quality is the first priority and measure of final success. With it our customers become living testimonials to homes that provide a lifetime of enjoyment, durable performance and good financial sense.

Our quality begins with a team dedicated to the best possible design, materials and methods. We ensure your new home is functionally convenient; beautiful to live in and look at; and meets the most stringent building codes with many features such as the foundations, exterior walls, roofs and insulation exceeding code and your expectations.

Finally, our quality is checked and double checked to ensure you receive a home of extraordinary quality with written guarantees and a warranty designed to be beautiful on the day you move in and for many years to come.


Service is the human element essential to finding, selecting, buying and eventually moving into your new home. It must be forthcoming, responsive, informative and ultimately helpful. These are the foundational truths and goals we strive to meet every day, in every situation no matter how big or small.

At Mercury Builders everyone understands their first job is service. Whether it is on the phone, in the field or at a design board, great service for our customers and each other is the measure of our personal and corporate success.

It is our Service we pledge to each of our homebuyers, associates and vendors in our continuing effort to deliver a quality product – moment by moment, day by day, one home at a time.


Jeff Gehring first began his career in construction in 1979 as an apprentice on a house rehabilitation project. The concept is referred to today as ‘flipping’. The addiction began and he has continued in the field since. He later went on to convert over a hundred homes in the greater Omaha area working personally in all trades of the construction field. In 2005, he partnered with Ed Bueno and together they transformed the company into a general contracting focusing on residential and commercial projects throughout eastern NE. Shortly thereafter, they added an exterior home products division. Jeff has a true passion in restoring older homes and the design/build-out of new construction projects. He feels a strong focus on top quality workmanship and strict adherence to project management has been a key to Mercury’s success.

In addition to construction, Jeff can be found with Ed and his father cooking at the Sienna Francis Homeless Shelter, smoking ribs on a professional BBQ cook team or serving on the Millard Business Association Fundraiser Board to raise money for Project Wee Care. He has strong roots in the Omaha Community for almost 25 years and really is proud to call Omaha home.
Sales Associate

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