Jeff cut his teeth working on historic homes, giving him the level of craftsmanship and attention to deal with the higher building standard Mercury Builders provides.

He is grateful Omaha metro area communities helped grow Mercury Builders. He wants to return the favor by volunteering to build stronger communities. He enjoys scuba diving and smoking world-class barbecue ribs.



Ed worked in historic renovation with Jeff as a custom framer. He provides design ideas and works well with expert framers and crews.

Ed lives in one of Mercury Builder’s Pine Creek homes with his wife, Danielle, and their three children. He is involved in charitable activities and enjoys cars.

Jason Thomas

Project Manager

Born and raised in Omaha. Started in home building in 1993 at age of 20 framing homes. Owned my own company doing small projects for friends, family and their friends. Moved into remodel and worked with doing remodels in high end homes around Omaha. Was a superintendent during that time as well. Worked directly with homeowners making long lasting friendships. Working side by side with sub contractors ensuring projects got completed on time and with attention to detail.

Keith Uhing

Chief of Operations

Keith is Chief of Operations for Mercury Builders. He is a lifelong Omaha resident.  He has one son who is grown. He has been in the home building business since 1987. He has co-owned 2 homebuilding companies before to coming to Mercury Builders. Prior to that, he ran a framing business, and has extensive experience in structural construction. Keith currently is licensed in residential construction and is a licensed realtor. He has a very diverse experience in all aspects of the homebuilding process.

Carlos O’Ferral II

Insurance & Roof Claims Specialist

Carlos J. O’Ferral II is a former Marine and has been in the construction industry since 1996. He has a family of 6 daughters and 2 sons. Born in NYC, NY he has been a resident of Omaha Since 1991. He has been through the HAGG Engineering Certified Roofing Program, is an expert in Ventilation, has worked with homeowners and their insurance companies since 2006. If you have a leak he is sure to find and fix it for you.